Congratulations to all our general gymnasts who competed in the South East Floor and Vault competitions! We are so very proud of all your achievements.

South East Floor and Vault competition (intermediate and advanced) on the 2nd of October:

Millie Barton 2nd,

Bethany Groves 1st,

Olivia Mckiddie 1st,

Rhianna Rolfe 1st,

Madison Perry 2nd,

Olivia Weston 6th,

Lilou Grolleau-Begg 1st,

Hannah Duval 8th,

Katie Mills 5th,

Keira Shephard 2nd,

Erin Bailey 4th.


 South East Floor and Vault Competition on the 16th of October: 

Elouise Murphy 2nd,

Emily Knight 2nd,

Jenna Wheeler,

Annabel Lanham 2nd,

Hannah Halfacree 1st