Alice Is an ex gymnast who competed internationally in elite sports acrobatics.   She also is a qualified gymnastics coach.    Alice trained at The National Centre for Circus Arts for 3 years, specialising in handstands and contortion. She had the fantastic opportunity to be taught by Mongolian coach Janchivdorj (Sainaa) who helped Alice perfect her handstand technique.     Since graduating in 2015 Alice performs around the world and teaches a variety of classes and workshops throughout the UK.

Alice focuses on creating a safe training environment where people feel comfortable to try out new things and in time become more confident with new skills!   
Alice’s sessions will focus on Handstand, Flexibility and Acrobatics for anyone aged 16years and over.   Sessions start from Wednesday 7th November and all class bookings are to made directly through Alice’s website.


Session Information

FLEXIBILITY- This class is suitable for all levels. Working to improve generally all over flexibility, each class will vary between working on splits and back/shoulder flexibility . There will be exercises to suit all levels, from beginners to contortion. 


HANDSTANDS- These classes are for beginners- advanced. Focusing on the correct handstand alignment and technique to practice handstands safely. Using specific handstand conditioning and flexibility exercises to engage the correct muscles to help find the correct handstand position without strain to the body. 


ACROBATICS- Acrobatics classes will focus on building ability to increase power and agility to perform tumbling skills. Starting at the basics to learn the correct technique and working up to more advanced skills. 


Visit Alices website for more information and to book your place. –